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The LoveBerries Story

Let’s talk about what we don’t dwell on: the past. 

We come from humble beginnings, with our founding families rooted in California agriculture.  In 2009, a small group was assembled that paired a legacy farming family with a Canadian e-commerce genius (we like to think Jeff Bezos but for fruit baskets).  We’ll call him Captain Paul for now.  

Captain Paul led a voyage of youngsters through the treacherous waters of a start-up born during a recession. This taught us our founding principles:

  1. Say “yes” to everything. 
  2. Be scrappy. 
  3. Never trust a man with two first names.
  4. Make the best darn gift experience there is.

These principles have led us through the many different avenues of gourmet food & gifting - we've done it all! Chocolate dipped strawberries, fruit baskets, dried fruit trays - for our own brands, and OPB (other people’s brands).

In 2013 Captain Paul determined it wasn't really enough to only be rockin’ the West Coast life, so we opened up our second facility in Pennsylvania.  Then came Texas, New York, and Florida locations.  With a powerhouse production team, national distribution, and a passion for making beautiful berries; we still felt there was something missing...

And so on a hot, summer day in the summer of 2018 we decided it was time for our own flagship berry dipping brand. We brainstormed brand names, had intensely heated arguments, and in the end: LoveBerries was born. We even got matching jean jackets. 

That brings us to today, where our berries are dipped and decorated beautifully by our talented team – then packed in our expertly engineered (and incredibly adorable) packaging. The LoveBerries experience is designed to celebrate the fun & charm of love in all of its forms – from your BFFs to your BF. At, we believe food is a universal love language. Our Berries are just picked, just dipped, and gently shipped – from us straight to the doors of your nearest and dearest. For every occasion, or no occasion at all – we’ve got a berry for that. 

Welcome to the family.


The LoveBerries Team


Interested in working with Love Berries?

Love Berries is part of a dynamic family of brands that has been growing & shipping fruit for over 50 years. If you think you or your company are a good partner fit, contact us below.

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